Millington Wood/Garlic & Snails

Millington wood
The 1086 Lily Dale/ancient Millington wood, in the East Riding of the Yorkshire Wolds
The Ancient Millington Wood, Dating back to 1086 lies in the East Riding of the Yorkshire Wolds.
It holds the title of SSSI~site of special scientific Interest, the Wood is in a deep cut chalk valley, ideal for Ash tree's, which give the Wood an open aspect. The conifer trees are being gradually reduced, in favour of the ash with some Beech.
As soon as you start your walk up the Wood, you hear the Bird song, it's like an amphitheater along the path, the song enters your head and makes this place very special.
If you look skyward, you will see the Bat-Boxes selectively fixed to the trees, might be worth an evening visit to see their flight!?.
Every Spring time the Ramsons fill the Valley, with their pungent flowery heads. On the floor level, there are plenty of macro shooting, opportunities, from Snails ( with colourful shells) to Wild Primroses, and not forgetting the wild Garlic.
Although The Nature reserve is small it is brimming with wild life.

Here is another wood "Cathedral Fall"

Millington wood

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Millington Wood BW

This Black and White Image was taken two weeks
earlier than the above Colour Image, you can see the
wild Garlic is not as open as the Colour Image, It was
too cold for the flowers to bloom, lower down in the forest the Wild Garlic was only in tight buds.

key [96436763] doesn't existHere is another singular Tree "Fall to Nene"

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