Hawthorn & Larkstone Lane

Hawthorn Trail
Spring returns along the Manifold way
Hawthorn Trail


Spring returns along the Manifold way, this year
Everything has flowered early.
Hawthorn fireworks, all along the hedge rows
The bee population should get some much needed
Early Nectar.

These pictures feature the Larkstone Lane, a road
I have traveled down? But beware it’s very
Narrow it’s best to walk and not take the car, or
Hope no other car is heading the opposite

Here is another of Larkstone Lane "Black and White Rainbow"

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Larkstone Lane


On a previous visit on a wet rainbow day (I missed)
I made a note to return here, in unsettled
Weather, in a vain hope of getting a rainbow image
Over Larkstone Lane?

I missed again, this Black & White will be a reminder to get that image of the rainbow on my next visit.

Update; I did manage to capture that Rainbow!!.

Here is the Rainbow image of Larkstone Lane "Rainbow Larkstone Lane"

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