Printing media

Endura Photographic paper
Finding the right printing media is by no means an easy task, some very fine prints have been made with the ink-jet printing systems available today, but I was after even more, I wanted durability and longevity in the final print.

There are a lot of experts in the leading photo/magazines who promote Ink-jet printing as the way to go, it is an instant printing solution for Amateur & Professional photographers, who desire to have complete control over their printing and lower their final print price.

My Printing is produced via a professional printing lab, the images are on Kodak Endura paper and are made using traditional” wet” printing techniques.
Image stability (100 years in typical home display, 200 years in dark storage), more information on Kodak's web site.
If you compare the inkjet printed images longevity (70 years, maybe?) and the fact that the print ink media is rather delicate, then it's sounder to go with the more durable tried and tested method, I would rather Make a little less profit on my Art print and know the final print will last years after it was first printed.


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